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Equestrian Services

Zarcon specialises in Equine Services, particularly in the construction of quality, long lasting ménages, paddocks and gallops. As equestrian activities can be a considerable investment, it is important that you choose a company with the expertise to plan and construct your Gallops and Arenas so they provide a desirable and convenient work area for your horse to exercise, throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Our paddocks & ménages can be built to your own specifications and can be finished using a variety of natural or synthetic surfaces.

Paddocks & Ménages

Zarcon source quality sand, the key ingredient for a good arena. Consideration is given to sand type, shape, size and how it has been processed. Poor quality sand can result in a sodden ground in winter and a sand storm in the summer breeze.

Zarcon will assist and guide you from enquiry to completion, with due care given to countryside management and landscaping. We can assist you to choose the most appropriate location for your paddock, with consideration to your neighbours, level of the land, drainage and ease of access.

Equestrian Gallops

With a background in Civil Engineering, Zarcon professionally construct, refurbish and maintain All Weather Gallops. Our specialist machinery prepares the ground work, levelling the terrain, installation of the drainage and sub base, finishing with a surface of your choice.

Zarcon pays special attention to detail, ensuring your Gallop terrain is a consistent high standard from the start to the finishing post. Don't forget we also construct the roadways, paths and yards adjacent to your new gallop.

Maintenance & Repair

If you have concerns about an existing Sand Paddock, then Zarcon can help you inspect the area, looking for signs of water build-up, and checking sand level. If necessary our machinery will excavate the existing sand, repair faulty drainage, roller the subsoil to compact and level it, add a new level and compact base layer then finish with fresh sand.

If the arena surface is poor it is not only detrimental to your horses performance, but to the safety of both you and your horse. Too hard and the horse risks jarring his joints, too soft and it will cause strain and injury to his ligaments and tendons. A slippery surface may result in serious injury from a fall.

Cross Country Jumps

Zarcon utilise experience and the latest techniques to build safe and well constructed features for your cross country course. We can work with your own design ideas and offer our services to private clients and equestrian centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information on Cross Country Jumps or any other of our Equestrian Services, then please contact David direct on +44(0)78 0251 5644 or send an enquiry from our Contact Form.